An American science fiction series created by the famous director Jon Favreau named Mandalorian is going to launch its third season on Disney+ soon. All the fans of the Star Wars franchise are super excited to watch the third season ever since its first season was dropped.

Here is everything you need to know about the third season of Mandalorian!

Let’s talk about the release date first!

As the first and second seasons of this amazing show were premiered in November 2019 and October 2020, so fans were expecting the third sequel in 2021, but sadly the creators were unable to launch it.

But, here is a piece of good news that season 3 has already started filming and going to release in the initial months of 2022.

Here is the confirmation tweet by star Carl Weathers, who plays the role of Greed Karga,

But fans, cross your fingers as we don’t have any official release date yet, all these are just predictions.

Is there any teaser or trailer clip revealed yet?

Unfortunately, there is no official trailer or teaser premiered yet. But, don’t worry you will get to see the sneak peek of the upcoming season sooner or later.

Until then, go and watch out for the previous seasons of Mandalorian, if you did not watch it yet!

watch out for the previous seasons of Mandalorian, if you did not watch it yet!
watch out for the previous seasons of Mandalorian, if you did not watch it yet!

What about Casting?

Honestly, there’s no official list of the supporting cast for season 3 yet, but the famous actor Pedro Pascal will definitely reprise his role as Din Djarin in the upcoming season.

Other than Pedro Pascal, here is the list of possible returnees which we got from our sources; Moff Gideon, Ashoka Tano, Bo-Katan, and Greed Karga.  

What about the synopsis?

The third season begins from where the second season ends. As we all know that the second season has left two major questions for all his fans, one is who will wield the Darksaber and another is will The Child or Grogu or Baby Yoda will reprise his role in the upcoming season or not?

Till now, the proper official synopsis is not revealed, but as per the rumors, it’s confirmed that the new season will definitely be based on the same old techniques and answer the above-mentioned questions!

Hence, stay in touch to know more details about the upcoming season of  Mandalorian!

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